Wilco – Cruel Country (New Vinyl) (Indie Exclusive) (Red & White Vinyl)



New sealed copy. Independent record store exclusive first pressing on red & white vinyl. Gatefold jacket.

Cruel Country is the twelfth studio album by American indie rock band Wilco. It was released on May 27, 2022, by dBpm Records. The album sees the band fully embracing their country music leanings. In a letter published upon the album's announcement, Jeff Tweedy wrote, "I think there's been an assumption over the years that Wilco is some sort of country band. There's a lot of evidence to support that way of thinking about our band because there have been elements of country music in everything we've ever done. But to be honest, we've never been particularly comfortable with accepting that definition of the music we make. With this album though, I'll tell you what, Wilco is digging in and calling it country." Tweedy explained that the genre provided an ideal space to explore United States history: "Because it is the country I love, and because it's country music that I love, I feel a responsibility to investigate their mirrored problematic natures. I believe it's important to challenge our affections for things that are flawed."

Cruel Country features twenty-one songs written by frontman Jeff Tweedy. The double album consists primarily of live takes recorded at The Loft, the band's recording studio in Chicago. The sessions included all six Wilco members together in The Loft for the first time since The Whole Love (2011).[6] With minimal overdubbing, Tweedy compared their recording approach on Cruel Country to that which they last employed on Sky Blue Sky (2007).


A1 I Am My Mother
A2 Cruel Country
A3 Hints
A4 Ambulance
A5 The Empty Condor
A6 Tonight’s The Day
B1 All Across The World
B2 Darkness Is Cheap
B3 Bird Without A Tail/ Base Of My Skull
B4 Tired Of Taking It Out On You
B5 The Universe
C1 Many Worlds
C2 Hearts Hard To Find
C3 Falling Apart (Right Now)
C4 Please Be Wrong
D1 Story To Tell
D2 A Lifetime To Find
D3 Country Song Upside Down
D4 Mystery Binds
D5 Sad Kind Of Way
D6 The Plains

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