Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning (One LP)


Have some records that need to be cleaned? Why not give our Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning Service a try! Our purpose built ultrasonic record cleaning machine will leave your records sparkling clean and sounding great!

Simply purchase the number of cleans you need now, and drop the records off at your convenience during business hours.

Please read the Service Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page before deciding to use this service.

Our Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Service includes:

  • One ultrasonic cleaning and drying pass
  • One Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs anti-static inner sleeve
  • One standard poly outer sleeve


Q1: How does the cleaning and drying process work?

A1: We use a purpose built ultrasonic record cleaning machine to clean vinyl records. The record is lowered into a bath of distilled water mixed with a special wetting agent (to break the surface tension of the water) and is blasted by ultrasonic waves at 40000kHz while the record slowly spins. This process safely removes dust, dirt and grime from deep within the grooves of your record. Once the cleaning cycle is finished, the water is drained and the drying cycle begins. Fans gently move air around the basin while the record spins, leaving a completely spot free finish. This machine does not make any physical contact with the record surface throughout the process.

Q2: Are there any records you won't clean?

A2: Yes. Records with excessive mold or mud on them could damage our machine. Also records that are excessively warped could damage our machine. It is recommended that you find an alternate cleaning method for records with excessive mold or mud on them. For your warped records, we offer a flattening service. Please see our Services section for details.

Q3: How do I get my records to you?

A3: The best way is to simply drop them off. Our office and pick up location at 658 Queen Street West is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm EST.

Q4: Can I mail my records in, have them cleaned, and then have them mailed back to me?

A4: Yes, however please read the Service Terms & Conditions below.

Q5: Does Resolute Records guarantee my records will not be damaged?

A5: Please read the Service Terms & Conditions below.

Q6: What is the turnaround time?

A6: This depends on current demand, however you can typically expect your records to be ready within 2-3 business days. We will let you know if we need more time.



Resolute Records offers this service completely "at your own risk". By purchasing and using this service, you agree that Resolute Records will not be held financially responsible for any damage to your property, including but not limited to perceived damage as a result of using this service. You also agree that Resolute Records does not guarantee any results, and does not provide any warranties.

Should you decide to ship your records to us to be cleaned, all shipping charges including return shipping are your responsibility. Resolute Records accepts zero liability for your property in transit to us, and in transit back to you. We also do not guarantee that we will receive your order if it is shipped to us without tracking. We highly recommend that you insure the full value of your records before shipping them to us. A service charge of $5.95 plus HST will be added to all return shipping orders to cover cost of packing materials and labour. If requested, you may use our discounted Canada Post rates for return shipping only. Additional insurance is your responsibility.