The Lumineers – III (New Vinyl)



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III is the third studio album by American indie folk band the Lumineers. The album was released on September 13, 2019. 

In addition to being the Lumineers' third album, the album title also references the fact that the album is presented in three chapters, each focusing on a different main character of the fictional Sparks family. Lumineers co-founder Jeremiah Fraites told Rolling Stone, "This collection of songs worked out in a beautiful way, and I feel with this album we've really hit our stride." In an interview with NPR, Fraites and Schultz both discussed how their lives have been impacted by drug addiction, saying that this album was intended to chronicle the effects of addiction on family members and loved ones. "Schultz says he had a childhood friend in New Jersey who slowly came apart as a teenager because of drug addiction. Both band members experienced this because Schultz's friend, Josh Fraites, was the brother of his future bandmate, Jeremiah."

As of September 19, 2019, the Lumineers have released 10 music videos from the first 10 tracks of the album, chronicling the main characters and their journey living alongside addiction.


A1 Donna 
A2 Life In The City 
A3 Gloria 
B1 It Wasn't Easy To Be Happy For You 
B2 Leader Of The Landslide 
B3 Left For Denver 
C1 My Cell 
C2 Jimmy Sparks 
C3 April 0:50
C4 Salt And The Sea 
D1 Democracy 
D2 Old Lady 
D3 Soundtrack Song

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