Talk Show – Effigy (New Vinyl)

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If Talk Show's exhilarating full-length debut, Effigy, feels more like a film than an album, that's no coincidence. The band crafted the collection to soundtrack to a fictional nightclub. "One of the biggest influences on this record was the intro to the movie Blade, where this character's being dragged through a meatpacking plant and into the vampire rave," says frontman Harrison Swann. "There's so much tension and anticipation and intimidation in that scene. We wanted to create the kind of music we'd play if we were performing in that club, to put ourselves into that scene and see how far we could push it."

With Effigy, Talk Show do more than just push their sound; they completely reinvent it. Produced by Remi Kabaka Jr., of Gorillaz, the record offers up a bold and exhilarating showcase for the band's dramatic evolution, drawing on everything from The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy to Nine Inch Nails and The KLF as it taps into a raw, primal sound at the intersection of techno, electronic, industrial, and rock music. The songs are dark and gritty, fueled by blistering guitars and explosive drums, and Swann's vocals are nothing short of hypnotic, leaning on repetition and restraint to reach for transcendence in the midst of swirling sonic chaos. The result is an immersive, multi-sensory experience, one that conjures up a dark, sweaty warehouse packed with moving bodies all radiating heat and desire, anxiety and release, ecstasy and desperation.


A1 Gold
A2 Oh! You're! All! Mine!
A3 Red/White
A4 Closer
B1Oil at the Bottom of a Drum
B2Got Sold
B4Small Blue World

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