Sublime – 40oz. To Freedom (New Vinyl)



New sealed copy. 2021 remastered reissue.

40oz. to Freedom is the debut studio album by American ska punk band Sublime, originally released on June 1, 1992, on Skunk Records. It was later reissued by MCA. 40oz. to Freedom's sound blended various forms of Jamaican music, including ska ("Date Rape"), rocksteady ("54-46 That's My Number"), roots reggae ("Smoke Two Joints"), and dub ("Let's Go Get Stoned", "D.J.s") along with hardcore punk ("New Thrash", "Hope") and hip hop (as in "Live at E's").

40oz. to Freedom received mixed reviews from critics upon release, but has since earned an improved public perception. Sublime would not achieve any mainstream success until the release of their self-titled album in 1996, two months after the death of Bradley Nowell. As of 2011, the album has certified sales of two million copies in the US and is Sublime's second best-selling studio album there (the self-titled album leads with six million). Along with The Offspring's album Smash, 40oz. to Freedom is one of the highest-selling independently released albums of all time.


A1 Waiting For My Ruca 
A2 40oz. To Freedom 
A3 Smoke Two Joints 
A4 We're Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance 
A5 Don't Push 
B1 5446/Ball And Chain 
B2 Badfish 
B3 Lets Go Get Stoned 
B4 New Thrash 
B5 Scarlet Begonias 
B6 Live At E's 
C1 D.J.'s 
C2 Chica Me Tipo 
C3 Right Back 
C4 What Happened 
C5 New Song 
D1 Ebin 
D2 Date Rape 
D3 Hope 
D4 KRS-One 
D5 Rivers Of Babylon

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