Prince – The Truth (New Vinyl)

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New sealed copy. 2023 reissue.

The Truth is the 21st full-length studio album by Prince. It was the first to be labeled an 'acoustic' album. The album was only originally available for purchase in CD format with the album Crystal Ball, and so was shipped to customers who had pre-ordered Crystal Ball in January 1998 (14 months after the release of his previous album, Emancipation), with a retail release (again as part of the Crystal Ball package) following the next month.

The album was recorded during a set of sessions, the first of which took place on 1 December 1996 at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, MN when he recorded "The Truth" and "Don’t Play Me" back to back. "Comeback" was the third song recorded also in December 1996, with the rest following throughout the winter. The album was originally planned for release by EMI Records in 1997 following the release of Emancipation, but the release was canceled with the record label’s demise.

In May 1997, announced that the album would receive an independent limited edition cassette release, but this release was canceled also. Following its release as part of the Crystal Ball package, announced in 1998 that The Truth would be re-released as a widespread retail release in 2000. Steve Parke was quoted remembering to have been working on the artwork for this seperate release but it was canceled for unknown reasons.

Although the album is billed as "acoustic", the album contains several electronic instruments, samples, distortions and sound effects. It does largely focus on an acoustic sound, however.

On 12 June 2021, The Prince Estate re-released the album as an LP (separately and not as part of a set) with Sony’s Legacy Recordings for the Record Store Day. The re-issue reached number 1 on the US Billboard Vinyl Albums chart.


A1 The Truth
A2 Don't Play Me
A3 Circle Of Amour
A4 3rd Eye
A5 Dionne
A6 Man In A Uniform
B1 Animal Kingdom
B2 The Other Side Of The Pillow
B3 Fascination
B4 One Of Your Tears
B5 Comeback
B6 Welcome 2 The Dawn (Acoustic Version)

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