Lammping – Stars We Lost (New Vinyl) (Limited Edition)

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New sealed copy. Limited Edition single sided EP.

Lammping is a psychedelic rock band based out of Toronto, founded by singer/songwriter Mikhail Galkin and drummer Jay Anderson. Meeting at a concert where Jay's and Mikhail's previous bands were sharing the bill, they quickly connected over their musical tastes, drawing on their love of everything from mid-90's boom-bap to Tropicalia and library music.

The band was started as an attempt to bring the various musical influences and ideas together under a psych-rock umbrella, expanding the possibilities of heavy music. The band's demo led to a vinyl release of the debut LP on Nasoni Records in 2020 and their sophomore album "Flashjacks" in 2021 on Echodelic Records, both albums drawing critical praise.

The foundation of Lammping's sound is rooted in Jay Anderson's heavy drumming and Mikhail Galkin's melodic riffs, but with the addition of samples, drum machines, and a variety of instrumentation, the band's sonic palate is just as indebted to Stereolab, De La Soul and Kraftwerk as it is to Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer and Sleep.

Stars We Lost, is a new EP from the band is due to come out on vinyl and digitally on March 4 2022 via We Are Busy Bodies.


1 Everlasting Moor 
2 Never Phoenix 
3 Home of Shadows 
4 '21 Interlude 
5 Beyond The Veil

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