Idles – Brutalism (New Vinyl) (Limited Edition) (Red Vinyl)



New sealed copy. 5th Anniversary 2022 limited edition reissue on red coloured vinyl.

Brutalism is the debut studio album by British rock band Idles, released in March 2017. The band started recording the album in 2015. Singer Joe Talbot's mother (who is pictured on the album cover along with a sculpture by Talbot and his father) died during the recording of the album after a long illness, and his time caring for her, and her death, had a major impact on the album, with Talbot later stating "She was that album. That's why she was on the cover." Talbot added lyrics after the music had been written by the rest of the band. He stated the songs on the album are "to do with the roles of women in my life. It's also to do with the role my mum played pre and postmortem and also about progression and grief as a theme and eventual rebuilding". The band recorded the album largely live in the studio, with each song recorded three times at most in order to keep a raw and urgent feel to them. It was produced by Space.

"Stendhal Syndrome", which ironically mocked lowbrow art critics, was made available for download before the album's release, as were three tracks from the album that were later released as physical singles; "Mother", which dealt with "impotent male rage" and Talbot's feminism, "Divide & Conquer", about the state of the NHS, and "Well Done", which dealt with the class system.


A1 Heel / Heal
A2 Well Done
A3 Mother
A4 Date Night
A5 Faith In The City
A6 1049 Gotho
F1 Divide And Conquer
F2 Rachel Khoo
F3 Stendhal Syndrome
F4 Exeter
F5 Benzocaine
F6 White Privilege
F7 Slow Savage

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