Dinosaur Jr – Green Mind (New Vinyl) (Deluxe Edition) (Green Vinyl)



New sealed copy. 2019 deluxe edition remastered reissue on dark green coloured vinyl. Sides A & B are original album remastered, Side C, tracks 1-5: 'The Wagon' Single B-Sides released January 1991. Side C, track 6 and side D, tracks 1-3: 'Whatever's Cool With Me' EP released August 1991. Side D, tracks 4-5: 'Whatever's Cool With Me' EP (Japanese edition only) released November 1991. Gatefold jacket.

Green Mind is the fourth studio album by alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr., released in 1991. It was the band's first release after bassist Lou Barlow's departure, as well as the first released by a major label. The record is close to being a J Mascis solo album: he played most of the instruments, with founding drummer Murph only featuring on three tracks (1, 7 and 9). From contemporary reviews, Select gave the album a four out of five rating, describing the album as a "relief...not a bolt from a sky" and that "we're still waiting for Dinosaur Jr.'s masterpiece." Ralph Traitor of Sounds declared the album as "Dinosaur Jr have given us two great sides of born innocent modern punk." Graeme Kay in Q Magazine commented that the album should "consolidate their reputation as purveyors of quality hardcore."


A1 The Wagon
A2 Puke + Cry
A3 Blowing It
A4 I Live For That Look
A5 Flying Cloud
A6 How'd You Pin That One On Me
B1 Water
B2 Muck
B3 Thumb
B4 Green Mind
C1 Pebbles + Weeds
C2 The Little Baby
C3 Not You Again
C4 Quicksand (Wagon Reprise)
C5 Throw Down
C6 Whatever's Cool With Me
D1 Sideways
D2 Thumb (Live)
D3 Keep The Glove (Live)
D4 The Lung (Live)
D5 The Post (Live)

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