Crash Test Dummies – A Worm's Life (New Vinyl)

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New sealed copy. 2020 reissue.

A Worm's Life is the third album by Canadian band Crash Test Dummies, released in 1996. It was the follow-up to the band's triple-platinum God Shuffled His Feet. By February 1999, A Worm's Life had sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

The album was originally planned for release on August 28, 1996. However, the release date would later be moved back to October 2, 1996, with BMG Canada citing the need for "more set-up time".

Originally "Overachievers" was planned as the album's lead single (then titled "The Over-Achievers"), with the band's producer Jeff Rogers even noting at the time that the band had contacted three different directors for music video concepts to complement that track's release. However, "He Liked to Feel It" would later replace "Overachievers" as the lead single as the album's release date drew closer.

"He Liked to Feel It" proved to be a hit in the band's native Canada, becoming their highest-peaking career single at #2 on the Canadian singles chart. Despite the single's success domestically, "He Liked to Feel It" made minimal chart impact abroad, perhaps due to controversy surrounding the track's music video hindering its promotional efforts. A second single, "My Own Sunrise", would follow in January 1997, with "My Enemies" following as the album's third and final single.


A1 Overachievers 
A2 He Liked To Feel It 
A3 A Worm's Life 
A4 Our Driver Gestures 
A5 My Enemies 
A6 There Are Many Dangers 
B1 I'm Outlived By That Thing? 
B2 All Of This Ugly 
B3 An Old Scab 
B4 My Own Sunrise 
B5 I'm A Dog 
B6 Swatting Flies

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