Big Sugar – 500 Pounds (New Vinyl) (Third Man Records Reissue)



New sealed copy. 2024 Third Man Records reissue.

Big Sugar's well-known record "500 Pounds," first released in the U.S. in 1995, stands as a defining masterpiece in their discography. Produced by Gordie Johnson, Peter Prilesnik, and Tom Treumuth, this album marked a pivotal moment for the band, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend blues, rock, and reggae. Gordie Johnson's soulful vocals and masterful guitar work, combined with the talents of the original lineup created a sonic landscape that resonated with fans."500 Pounds" is not merely an album; it's a musical journey exploring the complexities of life and love. Tracks like All Over Now, Still Waitin’ and Ride Like Hell exemplify the band's dynamic range, from heartfelt ballads to energetic, blues-infused rock anthems.

The collaborative production efforts of Gordie Johnson, Peter Prilesnik, and Tom Treumuth played a crucial role in shaping the album's distinctive sound. This record's impact extended beyond Canadian borders, earning Big Sugar recognition on the international stage. With its release, the band cemented its reputation as pioneers in genre fusion, influencing subsequent generations of musicians.

"500 Pounds" remains a timeless testament to Big Sugar's artistic brilliance, and its enduring popularity attests to the album's lasting impact on the rock and blues landscape. The collaborative efforts of the producers, along with the distinctive performances, make this record a cornerstone in the legacy of both Big Sugar and Canadian rock. This is the first ever U.S. vinyl edition.


1 Ride Like Hell 
2 Standing Around Crying 
3 I’m A Ram 
4 Sugar In My Coffee 
5 All Over Now 
1 AAA Aardvark Motel 
2 How Many Times 
3 Deliver Me 
4 Still Waitin’ 
5 Wild Ox Moan

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