Sell Us Your Vinyl

Have some vinyl records you're no longer listening to? We're happy to help them find their forever home. Drop off your collection no matter the size and we'd be happy to provide you with a free quote.

Can I sell just a couple of records?

Absolutely! There's no minimum quantity of used vinyl you can sell. Ideally we're looking for 10 to 20 albums that are of premium quality. It's more beneficial to both of us. You'll get the best value for your LP's and we're able to hold the quality of products in our store to a higher standard. Large and smaller collections will of course be considered as well.

What genres of music do you buy?

We're interested in purchasing:

  • Classic Rock
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Alternative
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop / Soul / R&B

Just because the album is/was known and popular, doesn't mean it's worth a lot of money. LP's that are popular back in the day often sold millions of copies world wide. We're happy to provide an itemized quote with the amount for each album before you agree to sell to us.

Are there any genres of music you DON'T buy?

We are not currently purchasing:

  • Easy Listening
  • Classical
  • Big Band
  • Vocal / Choral
  • Religious

As a boutique vinyl record store our volume and client base isn't wide enough to support the purchase of the above genres. We do not buy 45's or 78's.

What is the buying process and how long will it take?

When purchasing a used collection we evaluate every LP and will not purchase records if they have:

  • Significant Scratches (Un-playable)
  • Chips or Dents
  • Water Damage

We try to provide a quote within 72 hours of your collection being dropped off. Once we have a quote for you we'll email you with an offer and you have 1 week to accept the quote.

Do I have to bring my records to the store to sell them?

Yes. Unless you're willing to accept a significantly lower offer for your collection we will need to evaluate it in person. It's in both of our best interest to get an accurate picture of the quality and value of your collection.

(Note: Government issued photo ID is required by law when selling used items to Resolute Records.)