Vis-A-Vis – Odo Gu Ahoroo (New Vinyl) (Limited Edition)



New sealed copy. Limited Edition remastered reissue.

"The Vis-A-Vis have had many good things to their credit, none more so than the collection of nostalgic items that make up this 1976 album “Odo Gu Ahoroo”. It has been able to achieve its well-deserved place in the Ghanaian musical best-seller parade. Now by the titles and programming this entirely new album benefits from Ofobros latest recording experience, bringing many plus-factors of listening pleasure.

With brilliant musicianship, the Vis-A-Vis as a group leads in the field of danceably rhythmic arrangements which do not obscure the enchanting melodies, such as “Abofra Ketewa”. Highlighting the softly soothing, yet richly textured blend of the organ and Slim’s bass work are solos by Sammy ‘red” Cropper on lead guitar, and other instruments as well.

The groups’ thirteen years’ experience in the field of dance music has made their melody reign supreme, and I hope these all are songs that will become a cherished part of our musical past in the future, and an enduring part of our musical period then. This recording the Vis-A-Vis with a new lustre that promises to glow through many mood-matching moments in the future.

This reissue has been handled with the utmost respect — every detail has been given strict attention and care, with albums being remastered by Senior Mastering Engineer, Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel.


Odo Gu Ahoroo (Medley)
A1 Odo Gu Ahoroo
A2 Maye Pentoa
A3 Ohianiwa
A4 Osu A Ono Nkoaa
B1 Sunsum Me Gu Mu
B2 Odo Fever
B3 Abofra Ketewa
B4 Ebeto Dabi

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