Stereolab ‎– Emperor Tomato Ketchup (New Vinyl) (Expanded Edition)



New sealed copy. Expanded remastered reissue. Includes bonus track LP. Deluxe packaging including 24” x 24” poster.

Emperor Tomato Ketchup is the fourth studio album by English-French rock band Stereolab. It was released on 18 March 1996 and was issued by Duophonic Records and Elektra Records.

The album is named after the 1971 experimental film Emperor Tomato Ketchup by Japanese author and director Shūji Terayama. On the record, Stereolab experimented with composing songs around looped sounds instead of traditional riffs. Critic Tom Moon found the band's compositional approach reminiscent of hip hop and electronica music, with loops being layered into "richly textured collages".


A1 Metronomic Underground

A2 Cybele's Reverie

A3 Percolator

B1 Les Yper-Sound

B2 Spark Plug

B3 OLV 26

B4 The Noise Of Carpet

C1 Tomorrow Is Already Here

C2 Emperor Tomato Ketchup

C3 Monstre Sacre

D1 Motoroller Scalatron

D2 Slow Fast Hazel

D3 Anonymous Collective

Bonus Tracks

E1 Freestyle Dumpling

E2 The Noise Of Carpet (Original Mix)

E3 Old Lungs

E4 Percolator (Original Mix)

F1 Cybele's Reverie (Demo)

F2 Spark Plug (Demo)

F3 Spinal Column (Demo)

F4 Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Demo)

F5 Les Yper-Sound (Demo)

F6 Metronomic Underground (Demo)

F7 Percolator (Demo)

F8 Tomorrow Is Already Here (Demo)

F9 Brigitte (Demo)

F10 Motoroller Scalatron (Demo)

F11 Anonymous Collective (Demo)

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