Ryan Dahle – Irrational Anthems (New Vinyl)



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Irrational Anthems is the debut solo album from Ryan Dahle, released in 2009. Dahle is perhaps best known for his work with Age of Electric and Limblifter, playing guitar and backing vocals in the former, and fronting the latter. Both of these bands enjoyed success in the 90s, with hits such as "Ugly", "Remote Control", and "Tinfoil. This album throws all of that aside and deserves some attention. Read this excerpt from Exclaim...  

"With help from Megan Bradfield (A.C. Newman) and Dahle's drummer brother Kurt (the New Pornographers), the BC native repeatedly strikes that perfect balance between hook-laden pop and off-kilter musical weirdness, bringing cerebral pop tones, straight-up rock theatrics and a hefty dose of restrained subtlety, often within a single track. And while Dahle's songwriting has definitely levelled up, it's his emergence as a true studio head that makes Irrational Anthems, with the album's production sounding entirely slaved over yet never over-the-top." - Brock Thiessen


A1 Chop Chop
A2 Windmilling
A3 Target Practice
A4 Hya
B1 Shutdown
B2 Sixes & Sevens
B3 Awfulizing
B4 Beta King Stilts
C1 Question Mark?
C2 Agoraphobe
C3 Eek It's Hallowe'en
C4 Lion Piano
D1 11:11

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