Mike McCready – The Glamour & The Squalor (Original Motion Picture Score) (New Vinyl)

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The Glamour & The Squalor is the story of Marco Collins, one of America’s last great rock radio DJs and a musical tastemaker that changed our culture. Before the internet made sourcing new music and rising bands a simple matter of keystrokes, there was the radio DJ. No one epitomized this role like Collins. He was the gatekeeper credited for helping break the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Garbage and countless others. Marco’s story is inspiring and universal. He turned his passion into a significant lifetime of work. And battling serious demons along the way—he’s still standing.

McCready wrote and performed a generous batch of tracks for the score showcasing both his guitar chops and flair for creating striking moods with his use of a variety of instruments including Mellotron, autoharp and strings. Local hero Kim Virant, founder of Lazy Susan, provides vocals on “You’re the Song.”


A1 Mike McCready– Darkness
A2 Mike McCready– Lightness
A3 Mike McCready– Young-Ish
A4 Mike McCready– Grandmother Earth
A5 Mike McCready– Windless
A6 Mike McCready– Northern / Falling Apart
A7 Mike McCready– Southern / Coming Together
A8 Mike McCready With Troy Nelson & MacKenzie Mercer– Sean Mac On A Horse On A Boat
A9 Mike McCready– Meridian Suns
A10 Mike McCready With Kim Virant– You're The Song
A11 Mike McCready– Love Wins
A12 Mike McCready– Safe Room
A13 Mike McCready– Altered
B1 Mike McCready– Outside
B2 Mike McCready– A Revolution Of The Heart
B3 Mike McCready– Social Distraction
B4 Mike McCready– Shrine Watcher
B5 Mike McCready– Whole Level
B6 Mike McCready– Moonlight Thieves
B7 Mike McCready– Aspiring
B8 Mike McCready With MacKenzie Mercer– Descending
B9 Mike McCready– Tree Fractal (Reprise)
B10 Mike McCready– Trying & Truer
B11 Mike McCready– Connection
B12 Mike McCready– Sky Accepted
B13 Mike McCready With Star Anna– Don't Let Go, Hold On
B14 Mike McCready– Love Wins Again
B15 Jeffrey Dorfman– Radio Sign Off

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