Limblifter – Pacific Milk (New Vinyl) (Limited Edition) (Yellow & Black Split Vinyl)



New sealed copy. Limited Edition on split yellow translucent and black vinyl. So limited in fact, these are among the last few new copies out there.

Pacific Milk is the fourth studio album from Canadian rock band Limblifter, released on April 7, 2015.

In a review for Exclaim, Lisa Sookraj said "The album's vibe is laid back, including the island feel of "Dopamine" and the quirky interludes on "Key to Karavana" and "Hotel Knife." "Position Open" offers a more pared down version of traditional Limblifter tendencies, but ultimately, Pacific Milk is a force- and feedback-free zone. The elements here are defined and airy: synths and strings are woven between clean drum rolls and tinkering guitar, and though the bass lines seem sparse and rudimentary at first, there's a sense of skilful deliberation that eventually reveals itself. Dahle follows his muse on Pacific Milk, and listeners would be wise to do the same."



1 Cast A Net
2 Dopamine
3 Key Of Karavana
4 Hotel Knife
5 Under The Riot
6 I Delete You
7 Suspended
8 The Fauves
9 Moods of Mechanics
10 Position Open
11 Been There Done That
12 Palomino
13 Juliet Club

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