Bill Cutbill – AMAZONAS (New Vinyl)

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New copy. Pressed at Precision Record Pressing in Canada.

*** Please note that this album does not come in shrink wrap from the factory. It has been placed in a 3 mm poly outer sleeve for protection. ***

Bill Cutbill is a Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist composer. Armed with a microphone and camera, Bill travelled to the Amazon rainforest in 2019 to record the sounds and sights of the jungle.

On his return he created AMAZONAS, an electroacoustic folk album combining the sounds of the Amazon with piano, guitar and synth. In order to capture the mood of living alongside the plants and animals, Bill wrote poetry in the jungle, much of which became lyrics.

In creating the compositions Bill drew on his university studies in Music Technology - combining sounds and songwriting to create a window into the Amazon rainforest.


1 The Undergrowth
2 Solo Mission
3 Panther
4 Bliss
5 Land of the Fireflies
6 Kabo Kinho
7 D411
8 Caiman Went
9 Medicine Tree
10 Emergent
11 Together in Body and Mind


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