Arkells ‎– Campfire Chords (New Vinyl) (Limited Edition) (Orange Vinyl)



New sealed copy. Limited Edition on orange vinyl.

Campfire Chords is the 6th full length studio album from Canadian rock band Arkells, released on August 20, 2020 by Arkells Music Inc. and Universal Music Canada. It is an acoustic collection of greatest hits (and a new single) spanning their entire career.


A1 Knocking At The Door

A2 Quitting You

A3 Years In The Making

A4 Whistleblower

B1 Michigan Left

B2 I’m Not The Sun

B3 Don’t Be A Stranger

B4 Come To Light

C1 A Little Rain (A Song For Pete)

C2 Eyes On The Prize

C3 Book Club

C4 And Then Some

C5 Kiss Cam

D1 My Heart's Always Yours

D2 Hand Me Downs

D3 11:11

D4 Relentless

D5 Leather Jacket

D6 Take Me Home (Outro)

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