AC/DC – Let There Be Rock (New Vinyl)



New sealed copy. Remastered reissue on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

Let There Be Rock is the fourth studio album by Australian rock band, AC/DC. It was also the last AC/DC album to feature Mark Evans on bass. It was originally released on 21 March 1977 in Australia on the Albert Productions label. A modified international edition was released on 25 July 1977 on Atlantic Records. 

In late 1976 AC/DC were in a slump. "It was very close to being all over", manager Michael Browning said. "Things were progressing very well in London and Europe. We'd been through a whole thing with the Marquee where they broke all the house records. We'd done the "Lock Up Your Daughters" UK tour and the Reading Festival. It was all shaping up really well." "In the middle of the tour, I get a phone call saying Atlantic Records in America didn't like the Dirty Deeds album", said Browning. "That, in fact, they were going to drop the group from the label. And that's when things got really bad."

"There was always a siege mentality about that band. But once we all found out that Atlantic had knocked us back the attitude was: 'Fuck them! Who the fuck do they think they are?’ So from that point onwards it was: 'Fuck, we’ll show them!’ We were seriously fucking pissed off about it. It didn’t need to be discussed. We were going to go in and make that album and shove it up their arse!”

— Mark Evans


A1 Go Down 
A2 Dog Eat Dog 
A3 Let There Be Rock 
A4 Bad Boy Boogie 
B1 Problem Child 
B2 Overdose 
B3 Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 
B4 Whole Lotta Rosie

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