Squarepusher – Feed Me Weird Things (New Vinyl) (Limited Edition) (Clear Vinyl)



New sealed copy. 25th Anniversary remastered double LP reissue on clear transparent vinyl. Includes two bonus tracks on a clear transparent 10". Includes a 16 page booklet surmising the legacy of the album.

Feed Me Weird Things is the debut studio album by English electronic musician Tom Jenkinson under the alias Squarepusher. It was released on 3 June 1996 by Rephlex Records. The album received positive reviews from critics and has been retrospectively cited as a landmark release in the drill 'n' bass subgenre. 

Muzik's Calvin Bush praised Feed Me Weird Things as "the kind of album Miles Davis might have made if he had been wired into breakbeats, Aphex Twin and Ninja Tune." Ben Willmott of NME deemed it Jenkinson's "most consistently varied, bedazzling and rounded deposit to date." New York Times critic Neil Strauss said that Jenkinson "deftly combines the laid-back cool of fusion jazz with the frenetic intensity of drum-and-bass" and "makes one realize just how wide a window of opportunity for musicians drum-and-bass has opened." At the end of 1996, The Wire named Feed Me Weird Things one of the year's 50 best records.


A1 Squarepusher Theme
A2 Tundra
A3 The Swifty
B1 Dimotane Co
B2 Smedleys Melody
B3 Windscale 2
C1 North Circular
C2 Goodnight Jade
C3 Theme From Ernest Borgnine
D1 U.F.O.'s Over Leytonstone
D2 Kodack
D3 Future Gibbon
E1 Theme From Goodbye Renaldo
F1 Deep Fried Pizza