Rampant Lion ‎– Songs For Love Lost (New Vinyl)

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New sealed copy.

Take a rocking journey on the weirdo boat with Vancouver grunge trio Rampant Lion.

Born in the attic of an old house (nicknamed The Rampant Lion) in 2012, the band’s sound see-saws between grungy garage-rock, proggy stoner jams, and raw earthy ballads, all punctuated by catchy melodies and the occasional 3-part harmony.

Bassist/vocalist Conor Brandt and drummer/vocalist Todd Hill put down a time-warping, thunderous rhythm section and contribute sugar-sweet harmonies for the fuzzy riffs, melodic solos, and poetically morbid lyrics of soulful, gravely-voiced singer/ guitarist Bob Sim-Devine.

If the Screaming Trees in the Soundgarden were chopped down by Queens of The Stone Age and set adrift on a Thin Lizzy in an watery Oasis and then navigated by the Stone Temple Pilots down the stream towards Nirvana, during the journey, you’d hear the roar of the elusive Rampant Lion.


A1 How Low
A2 Fix Me Up
A3 Picture This
A4 Floating
A5 Dope Mind
B1 Black Widow
B2 Farewell
B3 Take Me Away
B4 Guardian Soul
B5 Out After Sunset