AFI – AFI (The Blood Album) (New Vinyl) (Red & Black Marbled Vinyl)



New sealed copy. Pressed on translucent red with black marble coloured vinyl.

AFI (also referred to as The Blood Album) is the tenth studio album by American rock band AFI. It was released on January 20, 2017, through Concord Bicycle Music. The album release includes four limited sleeve art and vinyl color variants, corresponding to each of the four members of AFI, and associated with each of the four blood groups (A, O, B and AB).

Hailed by some critics as a comeback album, AFI saw the band experiment into post-punk and new wave sounds, which echoed off of the band's side projects, particularly Blaqk Audio and Dreamcar, which all infused elements of these genres. The album was noted for a strong influence of the band's childhood influences, particularly the likes of Morrissey, Echo and The Bunnymen, The Cure, and Joy Division. The decision to explore this route was both hailed and criticized by contemporary music critics. Some critics felt that this direction marked one of the most ambitious albums by AFI, while others felt it was done as a cautious move to appeal to mainstream audiences.

Commercially, AFI was the band's most successful domestic album since Decemberunderground, debuting at number 5 on the Billboard 200, with 29,000 equivalent music units moved. It was the band's third album to debut in the top five in the Billboard 200, and tied with Sing the Sorrow as the second highest debut album for AFI in the United States.


A1 Dark Snow 
A2 Still A Stranger 
A3 Aurelia 
A4 Hidden Knives 
A5 Get Hurt 
A6 She Speaks The Language 
A7 So Beneath You 
B1 Snow Cats 
B2 Dumb Kids 
B3 Pink Eyes 
B4 Feed From The Floor 
B5 White Offerings 
B6 Above The Bridge 
B7 The Wind That Carries Me Away